WRO – September 29

FTX:  Permission form and Kit List

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FTX – September 30 to October 2

Our first Field Training Exercise (FTX) is here!  This weekend is a mandatory training weekend but also a LOT of fun!  We will once again be doing kit inspections on Thursday, so every cadet MUST bring their kit on Thursday night and it will stay at HMCS York overnight till departure on Friday.  Every cadet also needs to get the permission form completed and handed in on Thursday.  The kit list and permission form are in the file below.  Download it, fill it out and bring it on Thursday with your kit.

FTX Kit List and Permission Form (PDF)





Tagging Updates for Saturday

Tagging details have been updated.  See the files below.  PLEASE NOTE that Captain Evans will be looking after tagging on Saturday and Sunday.  Call her at 416-998-2818 if you need anything.  DO NOT CALL Capt. Young, messages will go unanswered as he is unavailable.

Tagging by Cadet (updated)

Tagging by Location (updated)





Tagging (Updated for Friday)

This weekend is our first of two tagging weekends this year.  Attendance at tagging is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as tagging revenues are our main source of money each year for all of the fun things we do.  In particular this year it will help fund our March Break Trip.  Participation is a deciding factor in who attends extra events.

To all cadets:  DO NOT GO TO HMCS YORK.  Below are two document which tell you where to go from Thursday to Sunday.  The first is organised by location, the second by cadet.  Both tell the same info in different ways.  You are expected to be at your assigned location ON TIME.  You will be met by a member of the SSC with your box, lunch money (on Saturday and Sunday) and snacks.  If you encounter any problems CALL.  On Thursday and Friday call Capt. Young at 416-995-0157.  On Saturday and Sunday call Capt. Evans at 416-995-2818.

Tagging by Location

Tagging by Cadet

If you are not assigned to a location, you are to go to the Yorkville Firehall.  Enter through the back door.  Map is below.  If you can attend a shift that you have not signed up for, please do.


Finally – check for changes regularly to the documents above.


WRO – September 25, 2016

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September is Here and So is 618

​If you are looking to join cadets come out this Thursday to HMCS York between 6:15 and 8:15pm and we will sign you up. Bring your health card and birth certificate. 
For current cadets:

1. This Thursday, there will be a parade for cadets ranked FCpl and up. Time: 1830-2100.          Dress: C2-B

2.       Next Thursday is the first parade for all the ranks

3.       Welcome back BBQ on Sept 9th. All cadets will attend with their parents to complete their admin paperwork. As well any cadet who needs new uniform parts must check in with supply. Timing: 1800-2100. Cadets may arrive anytime between those hours

4.       At the BBQ parents are required to buy one book op OPC lottery tickets from the SSC for $60 to sell. The parents keep the money  and return the stubs

5.       Several Cadets are required for two recruiting opportunities(Talk to your Flt.Comd or OCdt Koziej):

a.       Toronto Polish Festival: Sept 17th and 18th

b.      Open Streets Festival: Sept 18th

6.       Cadets are needed to help with the teardown of the Ukraine Festival on Sept 18th .Volunteer hours will be provided. Talk to your Flt.Comd about volunteering

7.       Tagging is taking place on the 22nd to the 25th of September. It is MANDATORY.

a.       Signups will happen on the 15th

8.       Mandatory FTX will take place on Sept 30th to Oct 2nd

9.       Ground School begins on Fri, Sept 16th. Talk to CI Lewis if you wish to enroll.

10.   Band rehearsals, Drill and Range Team practices will be conducted on Saturday this year. Begins in October. 

Operation Lead Banner

Operation Lead

Welcome back from summer!  We hope that everyone had a fantastic break, whether or not you attended summer training.

As we get ready for the new training year, there will an NCO training weekend August 27 and 28.  All cadets holding the rank of FCpl and up are expected to attend to help prepare for a great year.  There will NOT be an overnight component.  Timing and dress are below.  This is a tri-force event, organized alongside 8 Vanguard and 2736 Army.

Saturday, August 27th – 0830 hrs to 1730 hrs, Summer Dress Uniform

Sunday, August 28th – 0930 hrs to 1513 hrs, Civilian Dress


Lunch will be provided on both days.  Bring with you a notebook and pen or pencil.


CNE – Warrior’s Day Parade

The Warriors’ Day Parade Council will be hosting this year’s 95th Annual Warriors’ Day Parade at the CNE on Saturday 20th August 2016. Cadet participation is requested to carry the marching unit identification signs on the right flank of each participating marching unit and assist otherwise as required.

Cadets are required to wear summer uniform and report directly to the Cadet/Scout Registration Desk in Gore Park no later than 0930. Gore Park is the small triangular park located immediately east of the Princes’ Gate, north of Lakeshore Blvd and immediately south of Fort York Armouries.

Upon completion of the Parade, participating Cadets will receive a stipend of ten dollars ($10).

Signup by emailing Capt. Young – stephen.kagansky.young@gmail.com. Need signups ASAP. Bring civilan clothes to change into and you get an entire day for free at the CNE.

618 Goes Sailing!!

RCSCC Vanguard has invited us to go sailing with them!  This is a fabulous opportunity, not normally available to air cadets.  I encourage all of you who can to take up this opportunity.  Everyone is welcome.  It will be a fun and relaxing evening on the water.  If you are away at camp, don’t worry, we will try to arrange another opportunity for when you return.

For questions you can talk to Capt. Young (416-995-0157)

Details are:

Date: Tuesday July 12th

Time: 1800 hrs – 2100 hrs

Address: The Vanguard Boathouse, 50 Ashbridges Bay Park Road, Toronto, ON, M4L 3W6 (see maps below)

Attire: Weather appropriate sailing attire (bathing suit, shorts and a t-shirt, soft soled, close toed shoes (running shoes, boating shoes), sunscreen, hat, water bottle

Parents: Drop off and pick up will be outside the gate, you will not be permitted to enter the boathouse area







It’s summer and that means that we here at 618 are stood down for the next two months.  The staff, sponsoring committee and cadets of 618 wish everyone a wonderful and safe summer.  To those cadet heading off to summer courses, have an incredible time.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in September.

Please do not hesitate to contact us throughout the summer for any questions or some info on joining.

Take care

Capt. Young